Student Well-Being

Our PreKinder-Grade 12 student curriculum was written by teachers, administrators, and counselors. Aligned with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, our student curriculum helps students acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for physical, social, emotional, mental, and academic well-being.

Well-being ensures that all students and educators thrive physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, and academically.

Well-Being Curriculum

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Minimal Teacher Prep

Our student curriculum was written by teachers, administrators, and service providers. The curriculum is designed to be taught through Tier 1 instruction by classroom teachers, requiring minimal teacher preparation time and expertise.

In an effort to reduce teacher preparation time, all of the necessary materials are included in every lesson. All lessons include a Google Slide presentation that are used with students to convey lesson content, guide discussions, and provide directions for specific activities. The slides include all digital materials needed for the lesson, including referenced images, videos, read-alouds, and graphic organizers.

All graphic organizers are included in the lesson plan and can be projected (through the Google Slide presentation), downloaded, or printed. No printed resources are included with the In Focus curriculum.

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Engaging, Research-Based Strategies

Our lesson plan activities align with research-based strategies (Hattie, 2012; Marzano, 2001). Additionally, our strategies are CASEL-aligned and incorporate CASEL-advocated teaching strategies (Durlak et al., 2011).

Each grade level includes 37 lesson topics with hands-on activities, topic-based reflection prompts, engaging discussions, videos, read-alouds, downloadable and printable graphic organizers, and integrated deep learning opportunities.

Discussion strategies are incorporated throughout every lesson to make the learning fresh, relevant, and authentic. Students explore topics and apply their learning to home, school, neighborhood, and community.

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Fully Integrated with Academic Content

Each In Focus lesson references curriculum connections appropriate to the lesson topic and activities.

All of the In Focus lessons have curriculum connections with English Language Arts standards. Speaking and listening standards (comprehension and collaboration, and presentation of knowledge and ideas) are taught and reinforced through collaborative discussions in every  lesson. Students engage in writing standards through reflection and journaling prompts as well as through performance tasks related to writing (text types and purposes, production and distribution of writing, as well as research to build and present writing).

Grades PreK–3 incorporate children’s literature and read-alouds throughout the curriculum and directly align with reading standards for literature (key ideas and details, craft and structure, integration of knowledge and ideas). Grades 4–12 apply both fiction and nonfiction reading skills to various lessons and activities.

Curriculum Connections also make reference to cross-disciplinary integration opportunities with Mathematics (40%) through the mathematical practices, Social Studies/History (10%), Science and STEM (NGSS cross-cutting standards and engineering) practices (10–20% depending on grade level), Health (40%), and the Fine Arts (20%) based on the activities outlined in each lesson. CTE applications are incorporated throughout the curriculum in the middle and secondary grades (5–10%).

Although not directly intended to be taught during recess, the skills and dispositions addressed in our curriculum are reinforced and supported through appropriate recess behaviors, including cooperation, inclusion, kindness, respect, positive communication, responsibility, collaboration, decision making, conflict resolution, problem solving, and asking for help.

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Blooms, DOK, & Deep Learning

Aligned with Bloom’s taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, the emphasis of our curriculum is to deliberately teach these needed skills and dispositions through direct instruction, inquiry, play, and games that engage students in developmentally appropriate ways.

Through our hands-on activities students recall facts and basic concepts, explain ideas, and use information in new situations. Skills are sequentially scaffolded and reinforced in multiple ways.

Deep learning is reinforced through problem solving as students apply and transfer skills in cross-disciplinary ways, as well as draw connections among ideas, evaluate perspectives and data, and create and produce new and original work.

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Available in English & Spanish, Online Learning Programs

Our PK- Grade 12 student curriculum is currently available in both English and Spanish resources. Please reach out to us to learn more about our various resources for English Language Students.

Today’s schools depend on simple and successful online learning programs. That’s why our curriculum can be used in-person or remotely through various digital platforms (such as Google Classroom or Canvas).

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