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Technology Based Learning

Technology Based Learning

Our PreK–12 well-being curriculum includes lessons for PreKinder, Elementary (grades K-6), Jr High/Middle School (grades 6-8), High School (grades 9-12), Educator (teacher, administrator, staff), and Parent Guides.

Our curriculum can be used in-person or remotely or through hybrid/blended and virtual digital platforms including Google Classroom, Canvas, and other learning management systems.  Several districts use the In Focus for their online learning students. There are no needed APIs.

There are several YouTube videos used throughout the curriculum. In Focus will provide a list of videos that need to be whitelisted for teacher access. Educators (not students) will have access to our 24-hour help center, including chat and email ([email protected]).

The only printed materials needed are graphic organizers associated with various lesson activities. Graphic organizers are included in the lesson plan. All graphic organizers can be projected (through the Google Slide presentation), downloaded, or printed from the website. This flexibility reduces the cost of the program for districts and schools. It also maximizes flexibility and teacher decision-making by reducing unwanted/unused graphic organizers.

The In Focus curriculum is a digital-based platform. Teacher information required to roster each teacher and give them access to the curriculum includes first name, last name, email, and grade level. Teachers need the ability to access the following domain names with internet access:

  • https://infocuseg.com
  • https://infocuseg.com


In Focus technology support is included with the purchase of the curriculum. Real-time live technical support is provided during normal working hours and can be accessed through the online chat feature as well as through email and text. 


Schools are responsible to enforce school privacy policies. In Focus Education Group knows how important it is to protect children’s privacy. Our Site is intended for any U.S.-based adult educator or education-minded parent or guardian to use in concert with students of elementary school age or older. No student of any age is meant to use the In Focus Education Group Site without the invitation, direction, and guidance of an adult.

When educators, parents, or guardians create accounts on behalf of their students, we keep whatever name is provided by that adult in our database. To learn more about our privacy policy, visit: https://infocuseg.com/privacy-policy


We are signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge. We comply with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR, along with many other privacy and security guidelines. We will notify you if we make any changes to the way we handle your data.


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Utilizing multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS), the curriculum is designed to be taught through Tier 1 instruction by classroom teachers and supported through Tier 2 and 3 interventions for students needing additional, targeted support. Incorporating multi-tiered systems of support ensures that students master the skills needed to be their best
Our curriculum can be used in-person or remotely or through hybrid/blended and virtual digital platforms.
In Focus PreK-12 Student and Educator Well-Being curriculum is based on a synthesis of established research frameworks.
There are conditions that need to exist for students and teachers to be their best selves and do their best work.
The In Focus curriculum was designed with the intent to consider inclusive practices for students with diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages, and abilities.
Well-being ensures that all students and educators thrive physically, socially, emotionally, mentally, and academically.