In Focus Webinar Series 2024

Providing Sustainable Implementation through Well-Being

Friday, April 12 at 10:30 AM MDT

Explore how our curriculum boosts academic growth and promotes well-being throughout your school.

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Looking for a sustainable way to improve your educational environment and boost student and staff well-being?

Join us for an exclusive look at In Focus, our curriculum for Pre-K to Grade 12, and discover how we can support your district.


01. An overview of our student curriculum, tailored to foster both academic and personal growth.

02. A special focus on our educator well-being course, specifically designed for administrators, teachers, counselors, and support staff, that cultivates a nurturing and supportive educational environment.

03. Insight into our Parent Guides and community efforts, which play a crucial role in extending well-being practices beyond the classroom and into the broader community.

04. An exploration of our implementation models and research-based practices, proven to provide sustainable impact and tangible results.


Dr. Amy Miner, PhD

Owner/Founder of In Focus Education Group

Dr. Amy B. Miner, Ph.D, is a leading voice in education. As CEO of In Focus Education Group, she brings more than 25 years of K-16 experience to help educators create high functioning systems that elevate students and families, teachers, administrators and education staff. Amy brings strong presentation and training skills, strategic planning, and curriculum design.

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