Educator Well-Being

We provide a hands-on, engaging well-being curriculum for adults, including administrators, counselors, and teachers.

Our Educator curriculum includes synthesized strategies that support educator well-being through consistent reflection and practice, as well as customized suggestions for teacher training, small group, and individual needs through implementation of our teacher well-being curriculum.

Our curriculum helps educators navigate compassion fatigue and burn-out, and supports resilient educators committed to the work of educating today’s students.


We offer a continuing education course in which educators improve their well-being while receiving district and college relicensure and graduate credit. This course is designed for administrators, teachers, counselors, and specialists! We have courses in the fall (October -December), Winter (January-April) and summer intensive courses (June and July). The course is a blended course taught digitally at a designated time with asynchronous assignments. 

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InTASC Standards

Our educator well-being course not only strengthens educator well-being but also strengthens educator’s ability to master the InTASC model core teaching standards.  This course specifically aligns with the  following  standards

  • Standard/Progression #3: Learning Environments
  • Standard/Progression #7: Planning for Instruction
  • Standard/Progression #9: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
  • Standard/Progression #10: Leadership and Collaboration

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The In Focus educator well-being course incorporates  research-based professional development practices (Hammond, Hyler, Gardner; 2017) and adult learning theories. The course content and strategies are content focused; incorporates active learning; supports collaboration in job-embedded contexts; uses models and modeling of effective practice; provides coaching and expert support; offers opportunities for feedback and reflection; and is of sustained duration.

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Prevention Science

Prevention science starts with understanding the research that shows us what factors can play a role in the choices young people are making with the domains of community, family, school, and peers. The In Focus educator well-being course works with partners to address the needs of educators through sustainable protective factors. Aligned with the Protective Factor framework, our course addresses educator well-being by creating positive social connections among and between the course attendees as well as strengthens educators capacity to address their own well-being and the well-being of their students by engaging in social emotional competencies and topics. 

Addressing educator well-being supports the tenets of prevention science by providing educators with strategies, mindsets, and resources to support their own well-being thus enabling them to better intentionally teach and support the students and families they work with. 

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Continuing Education

The In Focus Educator well-being course is a continuing education course. Participants can receive licensure hours and credit as well as receive college credit through partnering districts and universities. 

The course is a blended course with half of the sessions taught over zoom at a designated time and half of the sessions taught asynchronously.

In Focus works directly with districts/state representatives to align the course to district and state well-being priorities. Every effort is made to align with shared language, strategies, and approaches. 

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If you’re interested in partnering with us or would like to learn more about our Educator Well-being Curriculum, please contact us today for a free demo! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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